My Digital Pedagogy Lab Fellowship Application (A Series) – Part 1: Introduction

So, recently I was enticed by @Jessifer and @DigPedLab to apply for their Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Institute Fellowship. It was a general announcement so if you’re interested, please apply.

While I really wanted to connect with so many wonderful friends on Twitter who regularly attend the Digital Pedagogy Labs (you know who you are – Maha, Bonnie, Lee, Jesse, etc., etc., etc.), the timing of the Lab could not be worse as it exactly overlaps #BCCE2018 (, which, as a standing member of the ACS Biennial Conference Committee, I am required to attend.Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.28.55 AM.png

If you’re interested in applying to the Digital Pedagogy Lab Fellowship for 2018, the applications are due on 12/31/17 and more information can be found here:

In the midst of looking at the application, I realized that some of the questions (listed below) were interesting to answer anyway.

  1. In the length of a single tweet (280 characters), offer your definition of Critical Digital Pedagogy. Include text here, or tweet and share a link. *
  2. Please give us a little background about yourself in the form of links to your work online or a short overview of your pedagogical interests. *
  3. As a DPL Fellow, you may have the opportunity to present a 75-minute workshop. Please include a title and a short description for a workshop you might lead. *
  4. We try to integrate Fellows into the community of the event in a variety of ways. In lieu of a workshop, is there another, creative way you could participate?

I proposed blogging about them instead.

And that idea gathered some traction…

And therefore, here we are. This will be a 5-part series (including this introductory blog post) that will attempt to answer the questions (exclusively from my perspective, of course, as that is the only perspective I know).

PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to join the conversation, though, in comments on this post, comments on Twitter, or blogs of your own.


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