What else can I do? (Part 5 of the DPL Fellowship Application Series)

We try to integrate Fellows into the community of the event in a variety of ways. In lieu of a workshop, is there another, creative way you could participate?

(This is question #6 from the Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) Fellowship application for 2018, which is due on 12/31/17 and can be found here:  http://www.digitalpedagogylab.com/join-digital-pedagogy-lab-2018-fellow/)

In lieu of a workshop, what else can I do? Participate in facilitating discussions or panels, live-tweeting and integrating the experience on social media and blogs, design art that integrates my learnings from the Summer Institute are just three ideas that immediately come to mind. I almost never go to conferences now without a student (or multiple) to mentor and guide through their talk or poster and the experience overall. The point of participation in any conference to me is being present, listening deeply, networking as much as possible, and synthesizing and reflecting the experience online so others can participate.

The possibilities are great for service to all involved if the mind and body are willing. And I am game the vast majority of the time.


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