How do my interests intersect with the Digital Pedagogy Lab? (Part 3 of the DPL Fellowship Application Series)

Please give us a little background about yourself in the form of links to your work online or a short overview of your pedagogical interests. *

(This is question #4 from the Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) Fellowship application for 2018, which is due on 12/31/17 and can be found here:

Holy cow, what a question! You said this application was supposed to be minimal work, Sean Michael (@slamteacher)! Ha!

Although – to be fair – I did answer a lot of this question in the previous question. To define what Critical Digital Pedagogy meant to me also meant that I would define who I am as an instructor. Or least give significant clues to who I am in that role.

So – here’s the short delineation of who I am as instructor – I’m more interested in helping my students discover who they are as learners than I am in covering specific content. I believe in instruction as open, collaborative, and transparent. Instruction involves empowering, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, evolving, joking and communicating with, etc. my students and, in general, jointly finding joy in learning. I classify my teaching style mainly as jazz. My online pedagogical presence primarily exists on Facebook (it’s private though), Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and Instagram (in the preliminary stages). I’ve also done online pedagogical outreach through the AAAS Science NetLinks 5 Questions for a Scientist series, NSF EPSCOR STEM Families Webinar, and a week as the host for @RealScientists.

And earlier this year, I tweetstormed on all the things I wish I had known as a young faculty member:

All of this is only a small slice of what I do as an instructor but it seems like enough for the moment.

The Digital Pedagogy Lab and I obviously have much in common. We share a commitment to innovation and a knowledge that while we don’t have all of the answers to teaching and learning, we love the questions and try to meet students and teachers where they are.

In my early days of teaching (2002-2006), I reveled in having a public webpage through my institution. The webpage was a place my current and former students could revisit and refresh their knowledge of chemistry. I have mourned that webpage since they deleted the server that housed it, and, recently, I have decided to rebuild the webpage again, expanding it with my current work and interests, and house it under WordPress. That work is immediately on the horizon and will hopefully make the online pedagogical picture of who I am even clearer.


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