Workshops, Workshops Everywhere… (Part 4 of the DPL Fellowship Application Series)

As a DPL Fellow, you may have the opportunity to present a 75-minute workshop. Please include a title and a short description for a workshop you might lead. *

(This is question #5 from the Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) Fellowship application for 2018, which is due on 12/31/17 and can be found here:

For what topics would I lead a workshop @DigPedLab Summer Institute?

Many come to mind. I’ve led workshops on increasing student agency within the classroom (i.e. active learning). I’ve led talks and workshops on integrating social media into teaching and professional practice. I could very easily lead a workshop on my current passion – applying Design Based Research framework into a Teaching context, with the main players as teachers and students.

The better question here, though, is for what topics would I NOT lead a workshop @DigPedLab Summer Institute?

My basic framework for all workshops that I lead involves providing authentic space to enable and empower participants to learn something more about themselves and their own pedagogy. Creative and reflective exercises are part of every workshop I lead. I also include lots of references and extension exercises (stuff to do at home).

So what topics would I apply this framework to within the Summer Institute?

My teaching life has been primarily focused on the first two years of chemistry in higher education, with both online (hybrid and blended) and face-to-face sections facilitated. Within my research life, I exist at the intersection of Chemistry, Learning Sciences, and Statistics with a specific focus on the integration of social media into chemical education.

But more than talking about myself (or what I’m currently doing) for 75-minutes, I would be more interested in helping others explore their own pedagogy, their own intersections, and the ways they can expand their pedagogy to incorporate more open and active practices that expand student agency. Thus, a working title for a workshop might be “The 21st century pedagogical revolution: Becoming more open in your classroom while expanding student agency and transparency”.

I’m pretty sure this has inevitably been done before, though…


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